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A project Made in Sardinia

Going back to go forward.

Learn again to live a life where we enjoy our spaces and our time.

Reconnect to the essentials in life, to slower rhythms paced by nature,  to our loved ones and ourselves.

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The goal is to create a “human-scale” construction project where every detail aims at offering the best quality of life.


Imagine living in spaces facing right on paths and on a private road, linking a tight link between the public network, a private playground and the gym zone surrounding these residences.


Here you’ll rediscover the beauty of living outdoors in the vast private gardens with marvelous pools and spacious common areas.


Why use a smartphone screen when you can have your children play care freely on the streets like we used to?


The project is based on constructing three cubical modules, each featuring two fully independent spaces, for a total of 6 living units.


The architectural design of the living units

allows for a harmonious coexistence between the inclusions and exclusion aspects and the openings and closings.


The architectural study of the spaces caters to all the residents’ needs, both for the attention to privacy and nurturing relationships with the neighbours.

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Connection with nature is another central part of our project.


We have integrated the outdoors with the indoors, making gardens, courtyards and terraces perfectly blended with the primary architectural buildings.


This approach allows us to live almost as one with

nature, to enjoy the fresh air and rediscover the beauty of the four seasons.


Plants, water and the natural elements surrounding the structures are part and parcel of the project; they give a sense of wellbeing and calm.


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Its name derives from agugliastra, a word whose etymology leads back to the wild olive trees found throughout its territory. Ogliastra is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from the mountains of the interior to the beautiful beaches of the coast.


The region is famous for its unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, fine white sandy beaches, and wealth of archaeological and cultural sites. Ogliastra is a geographical region located in the heart of Sardinia, in the central eastern part of the island.


It faces the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east, borders the province of Nuoro to the northwest and the province of Cagliari to the southwest. The province has an area of about 1,854 sq. km. and is the smallest in Sardinia (and the least populous in Italy), but despite its small size, it holds a cultural and natural heritage of inestimable value.

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